Monday, August 10, 2015

Arne Johansen HUSEBY (1824-1894)

The Grue parish records indicate that Arne was born 19 Aug 1824 in Grue, Hedmark, NOR and baptized on 5 Sep.

Detail of Hedmark fylke, Grue, Ministerialbok nr. 6 (1814-1830), Fødde og døypte 1824, side 131. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.

He was confirmed at the Grue church on 13 Oct 1839 according to the Grue parish records.

Detail of Hedmark fylke, Grue, Ministerialbok nr. 7 (1830-1847), Konfirmerte 1839, side 184. Image courtesy of Digitalarkivet.

The Grue church is a long church that dates from 1825. According to Wikipedia, the church is built of stone and accommodates 500 people. It measures 154 feet by 59 feet and the walls are 4 feet thick. The church has a very simple outer form, composed of a tower and a nave.

Grue church (2005). Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


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