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Johannes Johansen HUSEBY (1827-1897)

Before we delve into Arne Johansen HUSEBY's descendants, I thought I would include some information on some of his siblings. His younger brother, Johannes, was born 12 Aug 1827 in Grue, Hedmark, NOR.

Johannes married Kjersti Hansdtr Lovbraaten on 22 Mar 1864. The portrait below is purportedly from 1864 and could be a wedding portrait.

Portrait. Johannes and Kjersti (Lovbraaten) HUSEBY (1864). Image courtesy of chaz8993 (

Johannes and Kjersti had at least ten children that lived into adulthood: Julia (b. 1864), Martha Marie (b. 1866), Henry (b. 1870), John Albert (b. 1873), Emma (b. 1875), Clara Johanna (b. 1878), Mina Pauline (b. 1881), Oscar Martin (b. 1881), William (b. 1884), and Ida Elionora (b. 1888).

We are fortunate that there is a surviving portrait of the entire family.

Portrait. Johannes Johansen HUSEBY family (Kindred, ND: c. 1896). Back: Clara, Emma, Henry, and Albert. Middle: Oscar, Martha, Johannes, Kjersti, Julia, and Mina. Front: Ida and William. Image courtesy of chaz8993 (

Johannes died on 7 Aug 1897, in Kindred, Cass, North Dakota, at the age of 69, and was buried in Norman Cemetery, Cass County, North Dakota. The inscription on the grave marker reads: "AF JORDEN SKABT, AF JORD HAN ER. AF JORDEN HAN DOC OP SKAL STAA. NAAR GUD HAN LAR SIN BASUN GAA." In English, this means roughly, "Made of earth, of Earth he is. From Earth he shall rise up, when God sounds his trumpets."

Gravestone. Johannes Johansen HUSEBYE (1827-1897). Norman Cemetery, Cass, North Dakota. Image courtesy of


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